3 helpful tips for push notifications

Community organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Main Street non profits and local directory websites provide useful information for their community. Your staff can help keep people connected and informed about their community instantly with push notifications in a TSL mobile app.  Push notifications are accepted and appreciated by users of your mobile app and are one of the best ways to send specific and relevant information quickly making it one of the most convenient ways to interact or use the app. Messages, alerts, reminders and events can be scheduled or sent immediately for delivery to mobile devices on iOS and Android.

How many notifications is too many?

The issue comes down to engaging your users with just enough but not too many messages. Annoying notifications is the top reason why people uninstall apps, followed by complex forms and bad design.

Best practice tip #1: Consider the purpose of your service.

Is it news, daily or multiple times a day is ok. Is it educational, then send only when something is important to share. Is it promotional, try to avoid these.

Best practice tip #2: Consider the time of day, appropriate for local time zones.

For example, mobile usage peaks between 6 and 10pm. Consider the time zones of your customers. Schedule messages based on the best time of day otherwise and avoid poorly timed notifications that may lead to fewer clicks.

Best practice tip #3: Consider the best channel to deliver your relevant message to your users.

Write once and share to get your content distributed to the largest number of people. Try and maximize your reach to people who need your information. Luckily, through WordPress and Mobile Apps, different types of notifications allow you to communicate with users for example email, general push notifications, in-app push notifications and social media.

  • Use mobile app push notifications for exclusive deals, events and promotions
  • Use in-app notifications that link to your merchants for more detailed information
  • Use email campaigns to engage users with newsletters and relevant content
  • Use social media to share new and fresh tips, behind the scenes and happenings

TSL Mobile Apps allows you to provide specific content on the app that matters most to your community. The simplified mobile experience is easily accessible on small screens such as tablets and phones, making it more engaging for your users.

With seamless integration with WordPress websites, small and medium sized organizations are freeing up staff for more pressing activities. With real time updating between website and mobile app content in WordPress, you are able to reduce the challenge involved with offering consistency across all channels of communications.

Install the Preview App for a demonstration of the mobile app. (Notifications can be tested when you install Mobile App Manager plugin on your WordPress website and connect your data to the Preview App.)

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