Events and Calendar Feature

In App Setup, Events by Elizabeth Kestler

Now you can display a list of local events and a calendar with upcoming events by month. You manage your website and mobile app content using popular event calendar plugins …

We get you published.

In App Setup by Elizabeth Kestler

Mobile App Manager is the all-in-one solution for mobile For anyone looking to create a beautiful mobile app with native app pages, push notifications and better performance than a web …

TSL Icons

In Images by Elizabeth Kestler

TSL Icon Library Click each icon image to select a new icon from icon sets that are available. You can chose an icon or upload your own icon sets to the Media Library.

Image Size Checklist

In App Setup, Images by Elizabeth Kestler

App Setup Icons  256 x 256 pixels or 1:1 Logo area 200 x 200 pixels or 1:1 Home Page Screen Background 1334 x 750 pixels Listing Placeholder  100 x 50 …

Mobile App Basics

In App Setup, Getting Started by Elizabeth Kestler

App Setup is easy Adding a button to your home page screen The home page screen shows buttons that link to app pages. Build the home page screen with up …

Use WordPress Content

In App Setup, Content by Elizabeth Kestler

WordPress content is linked on the home page navigation screen. Link up to 12 different pages.Each icon is linked to aWordPress category or page, map, favorites listing, deal listing or web …