From the beginning, Tiny Screen Labs intended to be a problem solver for our clients. Our focus is on affordable solutions that are easy to use for everyone. To be successful, we created a platform to build cost effective mobile apps for entrepreneurs, teams and small businesses. The first fundamental component of that platform is a content management system and the quality of features it supports. The second part is our belief in customer-focused apps while serving clients with a mobile digital strategy on a single publishing platform. Our only choice is WordPress.



Roadside Service App

CTL provides leasing, rental and maintenance for over-the-road equipment and trailers nationwide. The mobile app was launched as a way to deliver service instantly such as getting a copy of documentation for registration and FHWA forms. In addition, drivers can request service and log miles and hours too.


Audio Apps

HypnosisFirst is a professional hypnosis service with audiocasts written and recorded by Cindy Locher. Her clients can save and play audio downloads of their favorite programs. Every MP3 is available on the app and can be accessed online and offline. 

Ideas for the Future

Issue reporting on the trail

Trail Minder Maintenance Mobile App

The Trail Minder App makes it easy for the public as well as maintenance people to identify and submit photos and notes about specific incidences in a park trail system. Trails are identified on a map. Only issues that are within range can be submitted and tagged for follow up.
Issue reporting on the trail

Checklist Mobile App

The Checklist App lets you write a list of items for a project, send messages to your team and provides a single view of completed and open jobs.

WordPress Plugins


Mobile App Manager Plugin

We offer a plugin for WordPress that enables groups such as LocalFirst, Chamber of Commerce and MainStreet, to name a few, to design a mobile app connected to their WordPress content. Features include events, calendar, favorites, map, walking tours, deals and push notifications.

Our goal is to design a solution and keep it simple so that small organizations can manage a mobile app and website using one CMS, WordPress. The mobile app is native to Android and iOS so updates just happen and content is available to visitors offline. The plugin provides the flexibility to change the look and feel for holidays, add sponsorship logos or add and remove menu buttons, all without code.

Mobile App Manager for GeoDirectory

Mobile App Manager for Connections

Mobile App Manager for Business Directory

Image Issue reporting on the trail

Deals Plugin

The deals plugin is used with the directory plugin on your website to manage multiple deals in a listing. The deals page displays all the deals in one place on the website and mobile app.

GeoDeals for GeoDirectory

Deals for Connections

Deals for Business Directory