Convert website to mobile app – WordPress

Convert website to app

How to convert website to mobile app

How can small and medium sized organizations get more exposure to your business online?  Mobile App Manager for WordPress is a powerful tool for extending online marketing from computers to mobile devices. With Mobile App Manager plugin and WordPress, you can convert website content to publish a beautiful mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Here’s how:

  • Select your web content that you want to convert into an app page
  • Name your app page buttons
  • Build the app home page and publish on the app stores for iOS and Android devices

Native mobile apps and not web apps

Native mobile apps are real applications and not web apps. They run on iOS or Android platforms and not a browser. Organizations can use their WordPress website as a digital content system for a native mobile app and benefit from having one system to manage digital communications and convert website content once to share on a mobile app.

Being mobile is more than mobile ready

The Mobile App Manager plugin enables staff to convert websites to a branded mobile app with your published content. Your customers benefit from having easy access to information wherever they are, at home, office or on the road.

Mobile App Manager plugin is free to install and create your mobile app. You pay for publishing to get your app in the app stores. All plans include updates, support and unlimited push notifications while delivering user friendly, fast performance and native feature rich mobile apps. Plans start at $30 per month.