Why customers want a mobile app

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Your customers want a mobile app because it

1. can remember you and will track check in, rewards or loyalty points.

2. is more convenient, simple and faster to access. An app loads faster than a website.

3. can provide exclusive offers or coupons.

4. can track your location.

5. capitalizes on bleeding-edge mobile phone technology.

6. can provide more reach through Push notifications.

7. can put all of your creative content in one place and includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, for example.

What does that mean for our businesses and nonprofits?

What used to be thousands of dollars to develop and build a mobile app has now dropped to an amount that is affordable for the nonprofit or small to medium sized business and that can be maintained by the administrative staff. We give self managed digital marketing teams the tools that allow them create a customized app on WordPress.  If you own a small or medium-sized business, it’s worth exploring the possibilities of how a mobile app might be an effective tool for you.