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Event Ticket Scanner Platform and App

Sell event tickets and use the Event Ticket Scanner app to scan QR codes at the door. Robust ticketing solutions to sell tickets for in-person and virtual events.

Manage Ticket Sales

You get paid directly for each ticket sold. For multiple events.

Digital Tickets by Email

Customers get tickets delivered via email to show at the door.

Scan at the door

Scan tickets at all venue doors. Works with multiple staff. Tracks used tickets.

Plan your event and create a seamless experience for your attendees.

Custom event pages and everything to plan, setup and sell tickets to your concert, experience, program, virtual or in person event. 

Sell Tickets

Multiple Events

Manage your entire process from tickets to payments.

Attendee Tracker

Attendee contact information for marketing.

Ticket Tracker

Ticket codes are single use so that each ticket is used once.

Ticket Validation

For iOS and Android.

QR Code Tickets

Mobile tickets via email and print.

Payments & Analytics

Get reports for events, ticket sales and attendees.

Tickets with QR Codes

app developers Black square with no visible content. tiny screen labs

Digital Tickets

Digital tickets include the QR Code. Scan the QR Code with the app to check-in the attendee.

app developers A simple black square with no visible details or distinguishing features. tiny screen labs

Printable Tickets

Buyers can also download and print tickets (do people still do that?)

Fast Checkin with your phone

Scan a QR Code to see the ticket is valid or not.

Staff Signup in the App

For Staff and Volunteers. Get the app, sign in, select event and start scanning tickets.

Manage events large or small

For venues with multiple entrances and multiple staff.

Backup Door List available

Attendee list can be viewed in the app for manual check-in.

app developers The ticketing app's screen showcases event selection and straightforward ticket scanning instructions, accompanied by an image of raised hands at a concert. tiny screen labs


How do I connect to the app ?

We build the event ticket system on your WordPress website. 

Do I publish the app in my account?

Yes, we will publish the app in your developer account for Apple and Google.

Can i use this system for a monthly calendar of events?

Yes, you can create all your events on your website, sell tickets and link to the ticket scanner. Your staff at the door will scan tickets for that day’s event.

What do i need to get started?

Contact us for a quote and timeline

Contact us.

Looking to manage events and sell tickets?

Owners and developers: Learn how to get started and contact us for more information.