What Features do I get in my Mobile App?

A full list of features of elements available with Mobile App Manager as well as custom content you can add from your WordPress site.

  • TSL Local App Previewer App – available app for iOS and Android that works with your content as you create your app. Set up users with the previewer app and collaborate with others in the design.
  • Favorites – save your favorite app content, including directory listings and events to quickly access it anytime.
  • Push Notifications – Messages in the app are sent to alert users instantly or at scheduled time.
  • Maps – a map icon is featured throughout the app. Users can see all the directory listings and filter them by category and get directions to a specific place.
  • Search and Near me filter – search the app by keywords or location. Find places nearby.
  • App management – Managing your mobile app is easy with the WordPress account. Set up users to optimize content management and collaborate with others.
  • Turnkey content management – using WordPress takes the work out of managing multiple sites with a single process that keeps content on your site and app synchronized.
  • Analytics – Mobile App Manager dashboard allows you to view statistics about your users.
  • Market Your App tools – launching your mobile app and getting users is easy with the smartbanner for your website. Takes users to your app page by device. QR code generator creates a unique QR code for each campaign.
  • Social Media Profile views – displays a web view for your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Google Plus
  • Icons and Background color choices – a media library of a variety of icons and background colors get you started quickly.
  • Publishing to the App Stores – just $999  year..

Custom content types from your website for a local guide, business directory or community/advocate mobile app:

  • Business Directory Content – displays your directory content by category and individual listings beautifully. Works with WordPress directory plugins: Connections, GeoDirectory, Business Directory, Maps Marker.
  • Walking Tour / Itineraries – display a list of places from any directory category to make a custom tour.
  • Gamification with LocalQuest – Encourage engagement and create a whole new level of community experience with scavenger hunts.
  • WordPress page, post or category – select from content published on your site such as a contact us form.
  • URL Web View  – Feature a link to websites that open up in the app. Great way to share relevant news with your group.
  • Events, Calendars – make your events accessible in the app. Works with WordPress event plugins: GeoDirectory Events, The Events Calendar and All-In-One-Events.
  • Blogs – displays your published posts by category with a notification badge and read tracking.
  • Promote Sponsors – Sponsors of your app can be featured on the home page, as part of the logo or an icon button.






Publish a local guide app for $999 a year. Get more information on our pricing here.