GeoDeals makes special offers super simple to manage

GeoDeals special offers

GeoDeals extends your core GeoDirectory plugin to make it easy to schedule and manage multiple deals, eliminating the need to manually remove expired offers by adding start and end dates that display and remove offers automatically in any listing.

GeoDeals for GeoDirectory is a free plugin available on WordPress Plugin Directory. When you install the plugin a visual text editor button is added under the Special Offer field. Open the visual editor to manage and schedule Special Offers. The text editor converts content to html so that you don’t have to. It is business owner easy and lets your customers promote multiple deals. For example, create monthly deals, year long deals, holiday deals and more.

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[x_line]Create a single page for special offers

Now you can display special offers on a single page. You chose how to organize offers of the page. For example, you can organize by category and show all listings or show only listings with offers.

Add the geodeals shortcode parameter to show and hide all your special offers. To show listings with available offers, add the shortcode parameter geodeals=”1” to your gd_listings shortcode – for example [gd_listings post_type=”gd_dining” list_sort=”az” geodeals=”1”] To show listings without available offers, the shortcode parameter geodeals=”2” to your gd_listings shortcode – for example [gd_listings post_type=”gd_dining” list_sort=”az” geodeals=”2”]

Key Features

  • Add multiple special offers to the GeoDirectory Special Offers text area.
  • Offers are automatically made visible on the front-end starting on the Visible Date or Start Date you enter for each special offer.
  • Offers are hidden after the end date that you enter for each special offer.
  • Each offer is reformatted for better display on the front-end and can be customized using CSS classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add special offers for a specific listing?

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Select your preferred date format
  3. Go to the listing
  4. Click Edit Special Offers button
  5. Add a deal headline, description, coupon
  6. Set visibility, start and end dates. When a special offer ends then it will no longer be visible.

How do I create a single page on my website to display special offers?
It’s easy to start showcasing special offers on a single page with GeoDeals.

  1. Add a new page
  2. Select the category
  3. Use the short code parameter
  4. Add the shortcode and parameter to your page

Will Special Offers appear on the Mobile App?

With GeoDeals installed, a list of available deals will be added to your mobile app automatically. A button will appear in the footer menu on the home page. Or you can customize and add a Deals button to the main home page layout.

The listing page displays your listings featured image, headline and summary detail.

Do you have any local marketing tips for my directory business?

To get more people visiting your local directory, Help your merchants engage and keep more customers. GeoDeals plugin allows your merchants to keep promotions current. Make it convenient for customers to find the best deals when they are looking to buy something. Create a mobile app for people who like using their phones to research information. Merchants will love it too. Keep your directory locally focused. For example, you can create a single page to highlight all the local deals for restaurants in a specific area.