Live preview of the mobile app

You can install Local App by TSL, a preview app and companion to the Mobile App Manager plugin.

See a live preview with demo data on the app. 

Useful for new sites with little to no published content. Share with potential clients and your team.

Get a live preview with demo data.

If you have Mobile App Manager Installed


1. From App Setup tab

Click the Use Preview App button, enter your email address and click continue:


Use Preview app on phone button

Then enter an email address for each person who is to view the preview app.

2. Install the app. 

Go to your mobile phone to open up the email sent from Tiny Screen Labs, LLC. You will return to this email again to click the button that links to your website data. Click the Get App Button to install the app on your phone.

Get the app and install.

3. Connect your website data and app setup design. 

Go to email to connect to your Website data and Click the Open in phone Button.

Connect website data when you click Open in phone.