Why publish a mobile app?

Tiny Screen Labs gets your app published in the app store. Getting your app published can be the most technical part of having a mobile app. Tiny Screen Labs Service Plans is an automated publishing process that makes having a mobile app easy to do. A mobile app can be published in the app stores in days, not months. After that, with all your content organized in one place, real time updates on both your website and mobile app are automatic too.

Not ready to build it yourself? If you want someone to build your mobile app, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

Basic Requirements

WordPress Websites – Requirements

  1. WordPress install
  2. Directory plugin
  3. Mobile App Manager plugin

Non WordPress Websites – Requirements

  1. Our service currently requires a WordPress website that can upload the Mobile App Manager plugin. You can contact us to create the mobile app on our servers.

App Setup – Requirements

  1. Published content
  2. Home page screen layout
  3. Button icons – included or upload your own
  4. Background color or image – included or upload your own
  5. Branding identity – upload your logo
  6. Preview the app – install the preview app on your phone

Publish to the app stores – Requirements

  1. Purchase a TSL Service Plan
  2. Answer the App Store questions about your mobile app
  3. Submit App
  4. Get approved