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Managed WordPress Hosting

When I am asked about hosting I always recommend WPEngine and I have been a customer since 2012. I also have experience with a variety of web host services. Most get you started but few have the fast support to help you when you need it most. Here are the 10 reasons I think they are a great choice for WordPress Website Hosting if you have a WordPress website.

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1. Automatic daily backups every night and a history of backups that are easily restored.

2. 1-click restore lets you restore the site from any backup point and within a few minutes it is back up. No need to be on a call or pay for support.

3. Manual backups for upgrades and updates or minor changes.

4. 24/7 support chat and they will do anything to help. They have the best support!

5. 1-click push from prod to staging and visa versa so you can test new features on staging without risking your live site.

6. it’s specific for WordPress so page loads are better.

7. Built in caching to speed up the site.

8. Free SSL.

9. Dashboard URL redirects to have any old web page point to the correct new web page.

10. 1-click to convert from a single to multi site – this is great if you want to host client sites and add as many sites as you want. Each site has its own login and install. 

If you want to research your options you can take a look at other web host services like Blue HostKinsta, Hostgator, and SiteGround.