Mobile App Basics

App Setup is easy

Adding a button to your home page screen

The home page screen shows buttons that link to app pages. Build the home page screen with up to 12 buttons for content.

Buttons link to app pages, which your customers click on the mobile app to view.

Change the Button Icon to match your content


Change the button icon.

Add Page Content from your website or a different website 


Select Content Type then pick a page from dropdown

Add Social Media Pages

The footer menu displays icons for social media pages, a Favorites list and deals list. Favorites and Deals can be added as buttons to the home page screen which will remove the icons in the footer menu.


Include social media pages on the app.

Branding – how to include your logo, colors and brands

TSL images include over 100 icons, backgrounds and placeholder images to chose from. Or you can design and upload your own. Here is a handy guide for all the image sizes.

Change background colors. Add logo.

Content Choices

App pages are selected for each button. Select the Content Type then content source.


Content types include web URL, WP posts & pages, Favorites, Map or Directory category.

The Content Source dropdown filters content based on type selected.


Get the previewer app

Send the email instructions and links to download the previewer app.

Design changes  automatically update the mobile app. Use the previewer app with your team by sending them an email too.

Send a push notification to the previewer app – if you installed the previewer app on your phone, you can create a notification and see what a message looks like.

Create a general notification. Schedule or send now.

Email Instructions

Get the iPhone or Android App. Come back to Connect Your Website Content.

Get Published.

Sign up for a service plan to get your license API key to access submission forms for Apple and Android app stores. Complete the submission forms and when ready click the Publish button to get your mobile app submitted for review and approval.


When you activate your license API key then you get access to Apple and Android forms.