New Features: Events, Walking Tours and Scavenger Hunt


Our newest features is like putting your local community in the pocket of your best customers. Local tourism and community apps serves to connect residents and visitors to local businesses in the neighborhood, town, village or city they love.

What’s New

Events and Calendar

Event calendar is an interactive schedule of events with details and registration. This feature is designed to work with GeoDirectory Events add-on and The Event Manager plugin for WordPress.

Walking Tour

Do you have local places that people love to visit when they come to your town. The Walking Tour creates your recommended local itinerary. It is interactive and includes local check ins and a photo gallery.

Scavenger Hunt

LocalQuest is a new feature that puts an interactive scavenger hunt in the app. You can create a new event, publish a list of activities to complete and schedule a start and stop date and time. People with the app will complete the activities and submit by email to you to enter the contest. Each activity on the list is unique and may include local check in at different places or taking a photo of items on the list. LocalQuest promotes a healthy lifestyle and community involvement.

Use the app for shopping, dining, services, tours, directions, deals, events, local scavenger hunts and more. Discover great local companies to hire, restaurants for dining and places to explore. Select one of the local tour itineraries for a self guided tour. Sign up to play in upcoming LocalQuest scavenger hunts and enter to win right from your phone. Create and manage your personal list of favorite places and events. Get directions or just see what places are nearby.  Sign up for notifications for upcoming events and special offers.

Other features available to build a local tourism and visitors mobile app include

  • Membership Directory to list places by category. The list of places include a link to a detail page for business hours, phone, website and more information.
  • Map includes ways to find directions or see what’s in town or nearby
  • Favorites is a personal list of places and events you want to save for later
  • Push notifications to send local messages
  • List all the ways you can be contacted such as social media, web or phone