Open for curbside pickup and online ordering

Curbside pickup is trending as restaurants offer alternatives to coming into their shop to buy food. While some restaurants temporarily closed because of COVID-19, we helped build online order and pickup for our clients via their website and mobile apps. For example, Deville Pizza + Provisions offers their menu items as well as provisions including Prime steaks, wine by the case and specialty bakery from the best local suppliers in Chicago. Another client, Truly’s in Wellesley, MA, is selling cakes, ice cream, soft serve and frozen yogurt by the cup, pint and quart, to include toppings!

What are the key features to building a successful online pre-order and pickup service?

First, the tools have to be easy for non techies. We build online ordering using WordPress platform and Woocommerce with secure payments using Stripe.

Key features for your customers include:

  1. Products are easy to find: organize your offerings in a hierarchy – this allows people to quickly scan, filter and find what they want to buy.
  2. Customize orders like you were in store: use lists and checkboxes to help customers know how to build their order.
  3. Cart to checkout conversion: show customers recently viewed and important information about pickup and delivery.
  4. Feature online ordering on the home page: navigation elements: include call to action on home page header and add links to the online store in main navigation and footer navigation.

Let us know how we can help you open for curbside pickup and online ordering. Contact us at or call 847-497-8469.