Push Notifications

The TSL Mobile App enables push notifications to be sent from published pages, posts, listings, as well as the Push Notification tab in Mobile App Manager.

Locations for adding Push Notification Messages

Pages, Posts, Directory Listings

The Mobile App Notifications metabox appears on the WordPress page, post or directory listing just above the Publish metabox and only after the status changes to published.

Notification Metabox

Mobile App Manager

Push Notifications page from the WordPress menu lets you add a notification.


WordPress Menu

The Push Notifications Tab


General Notifications

Notifications that you Schedule or Send Now 

Messages you send can go now or you can schedule them for a future day and time. Set the date and time then press Send. The notification timezone setting is the same as the website timezone setting.

Message History Log

A list of all sent or pending messages can be found under the Push Notifications Page in History and Metrics. History shows message summary, date sent, author and app page as target link. The number of users who have opted in for notifications by type of mobile device, either iOS or Android.

Message summary and data