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Software Classification License

Regarding the software, we provide a perpetual license to server software that we build for your project. We plan to provide four classes of software for your project:

1. General purpose server software packages that we build to support our platform which are utilized in a variety of projects – this software has a single use license and cannot be resold or shared with other entities for a use that is not for your project. You can extend it, you just don’t have the right to resell it. Same as most software that you purchase.

2. Specific use server software that we build for your project – this software is also licensed to you but you are free to resell, delete, modify or extend as you see fit. This is the software that handles all the metrics management features in the backend for your website and apps.

3. iOS and Android source code – this is the code that we use to compile the apps for your project. While most of the code needed for your project is already written, we will add to this codebase those features needed to deliver your project. When completed, these customizations are expected to comprise less than 2 percent of the app codebase that is currently available. The source code is not transferred as part of the project. That said, in the event Tiny Screen Labs, LLC decides to exit the business of providing, enhancing and servicing mobile apps, then we would provide a copy of the source code on a royalty free basis so that your business will not lose continuity.

4. iOS and Android binary code – this is the compiled code, like buying a software package from Microsoft, that we publish to your developer accounts using your app package identifiers. You own this and the app ids that are related to these binary packages.