Start selling online if you own a restaurant

Food businesses, aka restaurants, are selling food online and adding provisions to their menu. While some restaurants temporarily closed because of COVID-19, one of our clients took their menu and provisions online and started curbside pickup and delivering directly to local neighbors. This was an opportunity to provide them with a new revenue stream as well as help their customers stay home.

What are the key features to building a successful site?

First, the tools we used to build their online store for a local pizza shop on WordPress with Woocommerce, Stripe and Delivery/Pickup plugins. Some of the other key features include:

  1. Making products easy to find: product table layout of the products for sale: this allows people to quickly scan, filter and find what they want to buy
  2. Improve checkout conversion: robust sidebar: sections include my cart, categories, recently viewed and important information about pickup and delivery
  3. Feature online ordering on the home page: navigation elements: include call to action on home page header and add links to the online store in main navigation and footer navigation
  4. Multiple options for getting the food: delivery and pickup options