Testing and publishing

Your website is published and your mobile app home page is set, it’s time to test and finish your mobile app.


To view the content and design, download the Previewer app for iPhone or Android. After downloading and installing the app on your device, connect your data to the app.

Preview on Your Phone button

The previewer app link for download and connect is sent to you by email. Enter the email address for the previewer app. You can enter email address for your self and your team. Go to the Preview on your phone button in the App Setup.

Publish Your App button

When you are ready to sign up, you can select the Publish Your App button. You will go to the Submit App tab. This is where you will enter your license API key and complete the process. To get your account, click the Tiny Screen Labs link that will take you to the pricing page.

The Submit app tab is where you validate your license key and complete your information on the application for iTunes an Google Play stores. The apps are released under the Tiny Screen Labs name and developer account. The publishing process is completed. Your mobile app will be reviewed and approved and appear in the app store in several days. Email confirmation of the review status will let you know what you can expect. If your app is rejected, recommendations will be provided on how to cure the issue. You will resubmit the application for review.