What is a service plan, license API key

You designed a mobile app for your organization, now what? You want people to download it from the app store on Google Play and Apple iTunes right? Yes!

To get the mobile app in the app store you will need to subscribe to the TSL service plan that is available for a monthly or yearly subscription. The service plan automates the requirement for submitting and managing updates for your mobile app so that you don’t have to.

Subscribe to the Service Plan 

To purchase the service plan go here. The Service Plan pricing is based on the total number of directory listings that you want to show on the mobile app. Basic Starter plan allows up to 30 listings for $30 per month. Unlimited plan allows unlimited number of listings for $160 per month.

Retrieve your License API Key

To validate your account and activate the service plan you will need to retrieve your License API Key and enter it in the Submit App tab. After you activate the service plan you fill out the marketing survey and click submit.

Your License API key is listed in your receipt.

Enter the License API Key and Activate Service 

Enter the License API key & Email Address & click “Update License API Key” to activate.


Complete the Marketing Survey and Submit Your App

Each app store requires that you submit answers that describe your mobile app. When you get approved the information is used to publish your mobile app page in the app store.

You are responsible for providing accurate metadata description of your app to reflect the app’s core experience. The answers appear on your app store landing page as information about your mobile app.

Tiny Screen Labs creates the screenshots that show the app in use including home page screen and splash screen.

Apple ITunes and Google Play applications are added to Mobile App Manager in the Submit App tab. Questions include:

  1. app name
  2. description
  3. keywords
  4. support url
  5. privacy policy url
  6. marketing url
  7. copyright
  8. category
  9. maturity rating survey
  10. app icon (logo)
  11. launch screen

Review the app store guidelines to understand what is not allowed.

Apple – Store Review Guidelines

Google – Store Review Guidelines