How To Develop A Social App

Social apps make it easier to connect people online. We are relying on mobile apps to work, play and stay up-to-date on what is going on. More than 200 billion app downloads prove that this trend will continue.

Do you have an idea for a social media app? You can start by identifying a list of features. Your ideas may include

  • messenger and chatting
  • invitations and groups
  • near me news, events and business listings
  • entertainment such as media sharing
  • social sharing to instagram, facebook
  • newsfeed and profile wall
  • reviews

Our social media apps are designed to fit your target audience needs and wants:

  • Custom screen design elements with your colors, fonts and other design elements. Your screen layouts are designed and customized to specs with features and functionality for your app.
  • Development and testing with users. We fix issues and continue to iterate with new versions. You will see the app is user-friendly.
  • Launch your app to the app store and get published.

Grow with your audience and add-on features such as:

  • deals and payments for multi-vendor marketplace, like Groupon promoting and selling products of businesses who advertise to your audience
  • onboarding and tips about how to use features.
  • ¬†virtual gaming to invite users to participate in offline events with an online component such as scavenger hunts.

A few examples of social media projects:

KBKICKIN’ BRASS: for gun sport enthusiasts.¬† Users catalog their equipment, invite friends and score shootouts.

bburbBBURB- Black Business Directory: Organizations add their listing and users find places nearby, like Yelp. Users leave reviews, share with friends and contact businesses.

XPOSTXCHANGE POST – Rentals: Users can book and rent equipment by searching for items nearby, chat with sellers. Sellers upload items from the app like Ebay.